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Robert O. Stachura, CFP®, *AEP®, RICP, AIF

Robert O. Stachura, CFP®, *AEP®, RICP, AIF

Financial Planner

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Robert O. Stachura, CFP®, and the passionate team behind our firm deliver a wide range of financial services. From estate, investment, and retirement planning to charitable giving, our planners begin where every healthy relationship should: with integrity and trust. We are income specialists. We are contingency planners. And we are no strangers to the challenges that come with life transition.

Whether it is preparing for retirement, the loss of a job, a serious illness, or starting a philanthropic endeavor, every major change in life brings its own share of joys, challenges and complexities. It is precisely because of these challenging times that we take every measure possible with the goal of ensuring a smooth, worry-free transition. It is what inspires us, because we believe the way we deliver these services is just as important as what we deliver.

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With Whom We Work Best

Every individual we work with is looking for something unique, but at the end of the day, our clients are looking for three things: safety, liquidity and financial security.  Whether it is one or all of these objectives, clients who enjoy the long-standing relationship they have with us also possess these qualities:

COACHABLE  someone who receives advice and instruction with an open mind

COMMITTED  someone who believes in trusting the process and those who work tirelessly for them

LOVES SOMEBODY  someone who believes in the power of integrity and responsibility for others

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*Use of the AIF designation does not imply that Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp or its Investment Advisor Representatives may act in a fiduciary capacity for ERISA Plans.