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Nick Weissfeld

Nick Weissfeld

Financial Planner

Nick has been a lifelong resident of Knoxville, TN and resides in the Rocky Hill area with his wife (Beth) and their two boys (Eli and Miles). After going away for school and graduating with a degree in Finance from Missouri State University, he came back to Knoxville and entered into the insurance business as a consultant to other advisors to design and sell large insurance cases. In 2011, he entered the retail side of the business and has been a comprehensive fee-based financial planner since.

Nick concentrates on business planning by using an integrated analysis of benefit plans (Medical, Dental, and Vision), group benefits (Life and Disability), voluntary benefits (Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, etc), and retirement plans (401(k), SIMPLE IRA, SEP, 403(b), etc). He then marries that analysis with the business owner’s goals of financial independence, estate planning, charitable giving techniques, investment management, business succession planning, tax reduction strategies, personal / corporate risk management, and employee recruit / retain strategies. He uses his knowledge and experience to best help his clients put the benefits puzzle together while integrating their needs into the overall solution.

Nick understands that he cannot begin to design an effective achievable plan of action until he knows his clients' needs and wishes, so that is always his first goal. Once those needs and wishes are known, he has the ability to communicate complex concepts simply to HR managers, plan administrators, business owners, and employees. He takes personal pride in facilitating discussions with the goal of allowing his clients and their employees to be covered in all situations and put together a benefits package that meets everyone’s needs. He also loves to work as a team with Ken and Nelson as each situation develops.

Nick enjoys coaching his boy’s teams and can be found anywhere they are playing in East Tennessee and surrounding areas with his wife in tow.